Celebrity Run Hair Replacement Companies…Are They Better?

Celebrity Run Hair Replacement Companies…Are They Better?

Making yet another big picture splash across the Internet this week, Kylie Jenner followed her half-sister Kim Kardashian by wearing a strappy, see-thru outfit for a photoshoot (though to be fair, Kim’s was a bondage-like dress, Kylie was photographed in a Herve Leger strappy swimsuit) possibly for her new hair extension line. This is not the first time we have seen the 17 year-old in something revealing when modeling, and not the first foray into hair or beauty product creation for her. 

What of these celebrity-endorsed or celebrity-run beauty companies? Can we trust hair extensions, make-up, etc. from our most glamorous? Certainly the Jenner name brings with it a certain cache (and will garner lots of attention) but can young Kylie competently oversee a company creating hair extensions, and in fact, will she actually do so in the end? Does purchasing products from a celebrity ensure quality, as the public is sold the assumption that if one does buy what a celebrity supports or creates one, will in the end, look like that celebrity.

Guci Image has outfitted celebrities with hair replacement, has worked with models and television shows, is in the business of glamour and beauty on a professional scale equal to that with any beauty product any celebrity endorses. Our N.J. salon is complimented time and again as much by our many clients-both known and unknown men and women-as by simply recognizing our results time and again.

Who can say what celeb-endorsed product will work and what are merely name-sake’s and nothing more. Our name was made by our stellar reputation born through years of working in our field; that name built from the work we do, not the other around…and we think this shows.

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