The Secret to Choosing the Best Hair Extensions for Transgender

The Secret to Choosing the Best Hair Extensions for Transgender

Whether it is Avery Jackson, Corey Maison, Jazz Jennings, or Eli Erlick, they all have superb hairstyles. Interestingly enough, some are pretty open about their hair problems and solutions. Yes, extensions have played a key role in helping them achieve the style they always wanted. Now, it is time for you to explore the same!

We at Guci Image certainly want you to benefit from our hair restoration and replacement expertise. Thus, our stylists highlight the following aspects for you to consider while choosing a clinic and type of hair extension. 

Selecting a Specialist

You might appreciate anonymity, especially during the initial stage after the transition. Therefore, choose a hair restoration clinic or salon that offers private areas for services.

To begin with, the clinic must offer a variety of extensions. Further, professionals should treat clients with respect and compassion.

You need to interact and plan appointments each week or month. So, hair stylists and technicians should be in sync to understand your needs. In addition, they must remain accessible to talk and answer queries about new hair.

The trust factor starts with the consultation round and must continue strengthening during every appointment. You should feel comfortable from day one. If not, you can always choose another center for your hair transformation.

Virgin Remy

Yes, virgin Remy hair variety in extensions is natural (human hair). Your stylist or technician will choose lowlights, highlights, and color treatments to make them ready for use.

To ensure they retain the natural direction of cuticles, the hair bunch undergoes multiple procedures. So, there is absolutely no need to worry about color vibrancy and overall quality.

Choose Cold Fusion Method

Stylists prefer the cold fusion method for attaching hair extensions as it is a gentle technique compared to hot fusion.

In this method, keratin is sealed around the hair instead of mixing with the natural hair. As a result, a neat flat bond is created with the help of minimal heat.

A small amount of heat is generated with ultrasonic vibration. Yet, the applicator remains cool to the touch. Technicians use pliers and weaving tools to install extensions.

Cold fusion is the best suitable option if your natural hair is weak and thin. You won’t have to worry about burns and scalp damage. The technique is also recommended for individuals suffering from skin conditions, including alopecia.

Put simply; the cold fusion process means zero use of glue, no heat, and thus, no need to worry about damaging natural hair.

You might wonder, how long do extensions remain in place?

Well, cold fusion extensions last for anywhere between three to six months. But it is crucial to wash hair with products recommended by your technician.

Do Extensions Support the Growth of Natural Hair?

Hair is one of the factors that sets men apart from women. So you certainly want thicker, longer, and overall more feminine natural hair once you start living as a woman. But, no worries, extensions work beautifully and require less maintenance. You get the feminine style within a few hours. And yes, extensions also support the growth of natural hair.

The Style You Always Wanted

Let Guci Image help you transform your hairstyle! Our highly professional staff ensures hair extensions work beautifully and meet your specific needs. We will recommend products that are in your best interest. Schedule a special consultation with our stylist today!

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