Even If He Asks, Don’t Let Matthew McConaughey Service The Hair You Wear

Even If He Asks, Don’t Let Matthew McConaughey Service The Hair You Wear

There is no accounting for what makes the news these days. But last week, this story about actor Matthew McConaughey cutting his sons’ hair indeed garnered lots of attention. The point of the piece, prompted by an Instagram pic McConaughey’s wife posted, seems to be about how down-to-Earth sweet the Dallas Buyers Club star is, as much as how celebrities post family pics, just because they can.

Here at Guci Image, we can spin another takeaway…and this one is a caution.

Taking nothing away from Mr. M., his wife, and their kids, one need be ever careful of who one let’s cut or style their hair (especially be cautioned when trying to cut your own hair!). And as you will assume, we would warn, as a hair replacement studio, we’d strongly caution against anyone other than a Guci Image technician cutting, styling, or coloring the hair you wear. 

We are a specific type of hair salon, attending to a select clientele, coming to us for a unique service that, frankly, most mainstream salons are not equipped to perform. And they shouldn’t be equipped. The men and women who come to Guci Image do so because they need attending in a way that takes a particular skill and knowledge.

From your consultation to the people who make our hair units to the folks who wash and color your hair, to the stylist who manages your service, be it a tack down, a cut, or measuring you for a new unit, our trained professionals are set to a specific task for the hair wearer. Surely, any one of the folks in our Paramus office could work at a salon where folks walk in for simple cuts, blowouts, etc., all for their own real hair. But working at Guci Image, they perform duties requiring skills above and beyond what you will find at your local barber or even a high-end salon.

So, when Matthew McConaughey comes calling, talk movies with the guy…but don’t let him get out the scissors, ok?

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