Sandra Bullock Is Having A Crisis

Sandra Bullock Is Having A Crisis

Really, I hope you are keeping track. Sandra Bullock has now gone blonde again, this time for a new comedy Our Brand Is Crisis to be out soon. Hardly ever seen sporting anything other then her natural brunette locks Sandra did manage lighter colored hair before for films, something many are remembering and weighing in about now that is has been leaked she is sporting blonde tresses again.

Over and over again this celebrity hair changing news makes the news but is it really news…at least news of any real import? With the mighty Huffington Post running this one today: about Taylor Swift and her cat no less, one wonders just maybe we all have a little too much time on our hands where reading/writing blogging or news reporting on the web is concerned?

That’s why we try to keep to the salient point here (even when we do lead-in with some celeb or latest trending news) about overal hair care and Guci Image hair wear. Bloggng about hair can be mighty boring if you don’t pepper in some pop culture from time to time, the scientific breackthroughs we report are interesting but dry reading to say the least, but for the most part we want you to read about Guci and come to Guci because you know we are serious about making you look your best.

It has always been Guci Image’s ethos to take the very best technology has to offer and create highly visible, wholly undetectable hair, provide services that can as much stop hair loss as promote hair growth and to consistently strive to offer time tested and safe new technologies to battle hair loss and thinning in our clients.Our CTR units, hair extensions, micro-grafting, White Diamond or Laser Treatments (to name just a few of what we do) are about resorting confidence for the men and women who come to our Paramus, N.J. offices on a regular basis, one and all becoming part of the Guci Image family.

You are all our personal celebrities and we celebrate you time and again by offering the very best we have to making you feel the very best you can.

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