Taking a spin around the Guci Image website, our clients, as well as potential new hair wear customers, can easily see all that we offer. And in addition to our CTR units, Laser Light Treatments, extensions, and hair replacement options, we do indeed have a topical solution that men and women can apply at home. The healthy and scientifically tested Anti-Hair Loss Lotion called TOSKANI.

As anyone with a T.V. or Internet connection knows, hair loss suffers or not; there are scores of topical solutions in the market that claim to slow hair loss. Some even claim they promote hair growth. We are sorry to report that the majority of these amazing hair restoration and balding arresting topicals (and the more amazing they report to be is usually directly proportionate how effective they aren’t! ) just don’t deliver on their promises. There truly is a chasm between the actual bona fide science of hair growth and lots of modern claims from supposed unique ‘cures.’  

While we’re not about to announce the one final topical solution to hair loss, or a miracle pill that will return your luscious locks, TOSKANI is a home-care treatment we do recommend, one that compliments the other anti-hair loss treatments administered at our Paramus, NJ hair loss salon.

With daily application, TOSKANI has proven to increase moisture, density and reduce breakage while improving hair structure overall. It battles back the ravages of male pattern hair loss, Alopecia, and stress-induced hair loss, as well as many other culprits to hair thinning and balding. With a formula made from a host of hair-healthy ingredients, TOSKANI is the full realization of a topical formula Guci Image stands behind.

As we would recommend, even when starting your hair restoration/hair wear relationship with Guci Image, please research your options, read reviews, scour the web for what will work best for you. Uncovering the facts of our TOSKANI, you will indeed find it is tops in anti-hair loss topicals and one you would do well incorporating into your daily routine. 

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