5 Rules For Wearing Hair In Cold Weather-Part 1

5 Rules For Wearing Hair In Cold Weather-Part 1

Located on the east coast as we are (the Guci Image office is in Paramus N.J., the northern part of a north east state) we will soon be experiencing very cold weather indeed. And whether you are sporting our SHE hair extensions or wearing a CTR unit, one thing is certain…you’ll need to take care of your hair as much as the rest of you when the cold weather comes a’calling.

Here are 5 rules for wearing hair in the cold weather.

1.) Keep it dry.

As with anyone else, going ‘out’ with a wet head during wet cold weather invites a whole host of problems. It’s not so much that you’ll catch cold –despite what your mom told you-but wet hair out in the cold can get cold indeed, and in fact freeze! This leads to breaks, damages to any hair you happen to be wearing, or just in general poor scalp health.

2.) Be wary of wearing hats, scarfs anything around your head.

Unlike most people, if you wear hair you need be conscious of taking a hat on or off, or when unraveling from a scarf or hood.  Surely sporting some sort of head covering in the very cold weather is a good idea, but just make sure when you ‘de-hat’ or unwrap, you do so in the proximity of a hall mirror or even flipping open a compact, just to make sure your do is doing what you always want it to do.

3.) Arm yourself with spray.

Hairspray, or even a small ‘spritzer’ bottle filled with water could be very smart items to have on hand when you are going out in the cold weather (this and point #1 are as useful to those of us wearing hair for those of us not.) While we do not want a wet head when we are out, once we are ‘in’ a little hairspray or a quick water mist can do wonders adding a fresh sheen to your mop and quickly taking care of some styling problems.

-two more rules, next blog-

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