Hair Malfunctions

Hair Malfunctions

The dreaded and often considered (and indeed often posted) celebrity “wardrobe malfunction” seems to make the news more than any celebrity accomplishment. This week the net was alive with Heidi Klum’s unrealized flash during a live taping of America’s Got Talent. Heidi is one of four judges on the show, and during a break, as her fellow judges Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara leaned across the judge’s tablet o take a ‘selfie,’ Klum figured she lean in to join them. When she did, the back of her short coral-colored, strapless dress rode up and exposed her.

With her usual good humor, when Klum found a TikTok video from an audience member’s fast-thinking camera phone’s taping of the moment she posted it on her own Instagram with the self-effacing caption: “Note to self… don’t bend over in a short skirt.”

But not all of these celebrity malfunctions occur over a dress’s slit opening too far or a shoulder strap slipping.

During one of the many weekly picture-taking opportunities the Kardashian ladies post, Kim Kardashian had one of her hair extensions fall to the floor, in plain view, of the selfie she was snapping of herself in a new dress.

Her sister Khloé actually posted a comment about it.

Both Beyoncé and her ex-Destiny’s Child partner, Kelly Rowland, suffered wig exposures in two different ways. A well-known picture was posted showing the skin around Miss Bey’s temples obviously puckered from her wig’s glue. In another infamous shot, Rowland’s lace wig sported such dead-looking fibers that her part was just too unrealistic for the blog o’sphere not to comment about.

And then there was all the terrible, near career-killing ordeal tennis star Andre Agassi endured during the finals of the 1990 French Open. The night before Agassi’s finals match, the wig he wore (unbeknownst to anyone save his closest confidants) fell apart while he was taking a shower. Agassi’s brother tried to help mend the wig, with Agassi taking the court, worrying the whole time that his wig would fall off.

Wig slippage, male hair replacement units that look fake, wild, and unkempt hair, all of this and more, Guci Image will not abide. We are our Paramus, NJ hair wear customer’s first line of defense when stepping out into the world with confidence. 

There will be no hair wear ‘malfunction’ on our watch.

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