In The Shower With Jennifer Aniston

In The Shower With Jennifer Aniston

Shouldn’t having good-looking hair be enough? We feel it certainly is around our Paramus NJ, offices. Full and rich, responsive, natural-looking locks are what we work hard to give our clients. But for those trying to sell hair care products, a little fun teasing and post, post, posting across all social media makes the most news.

This week, actress Jennifer Aniston sent fans, hair product lovers, and the net into a tizzy by posting a picture of herself on Instagram, supposedly nude, in the shower. 53-year-old Aniston stands with her back to the camera in the two-shot, with what many are guessing is foam from one of her upcoming LolaVie hair care products running over her head and back.

Aniston captioned the picture “Something’s coming 9.8.22” and added a shower emoji.

Launching LolaVie in 2020, Aniston’s line includes shampoos and conditioners, among other products. And what she offers for hair is made with natural ingredients and free from parabens and sulfates. Of course, Jennifer Aniston is not the only celebrity with a hair care line. She is though one of the few who sported a haircut so famous that it was given a name, the “Rachel,” named after the character she played on Friends. On that show, Aniston sported a many-layered do with red highlights, and the “Rachel” was considered one of the most popular styles of the early 90s (Friends being one of the most popular sitcoms). Aniston’s iconic TV cut became a ‘must-have’ for many ladies, but since her stint on Friends and through her growing celebrity, the lady has gone on to show off plenty of different hairstyles, cuts, and colors, developing healthy signature looks each time.

The ‘something coming’ at Guci Image is us constantly providing you with the best possibility for your signature hair look, even if you change it up from time to time or show it off to a legion of followers in the shower.

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