‘Bald Is Beautiful Day’…So Is Every Day We Wear Hair

‘Bald Is Beautiful Day’…So Is Every Day We Wear Hair

Did you know that September 13th was “Bald is Beautiful Day”? Many people celebrate this day as embrace a completely shaved head or just let their hair thin to its natural progression. Surely, the ‘look’ has been championed in popular culture with celebrities like Sean Connery, Patrick Stewart, and most recently, Jada Pinkett Smith…her scalp with some attached controversy though. But there are plenty of women and men who choose not to “go bald,” for them, a hair replacement salon like Guci Image has the answer to the alternative for what they most want but are losing.

Choice to do what we please is what makes the world go around, right?

As we have cautioned plenty, the decision to ‘wear hair’ is not something a Guci Image client takes lightly. Whether sporting a Lace Wig, a male CTR unit, or undergoing a hair transplant procedure (to name just a few of the ways Guci Image works with our clients), covering one’s balding or thinning head is a lifestyle choice. It demands an investment in time, attention and money, and a commitment to consistency. As a result, we build long-serving relationships with our clients, who stay with us for a very long time indeed.

As much as there are reams of good-natured jokes about bald men, there is, conversely, sometimes, a stigma leveled at those who wear hair, or more specifically, wear bad hair. Let’s face it; there are a lot of hair pieces or extensions that are not fitted correctly, plenty do not make for the best look, are often quite detectable, and are not even made of the best materials. Luckily for our business and our clients, hair restoration technology has grown leaps and bounds from the days of the typical toupee or wig. There are now safe and fantastically lifelike options available, so hair wearers and bald folks both can enjoy that which they want.

And that which Guci Image can give them expertly.

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