What Products Are The Right Products?

Every day new hair products are introduced to the public. Whether they suddenly pop-up via a celebrity endorsement or come to us from some Instagram post from backstage at a fashion show, from hair gel, to hair spray, to curling irons to the myriad of color options, you are being inundated everyday with more and more product from a wide variety of sources. Can you really make an informed choice from online banner add, in-stores campaigns, from T.V. commercials or even friends’ suggestions? And should you even entertain these choices if you wear hair?

If you are a Guci Image customer or thinking of becoming one, you need to pick product with a decidedly different set of concerns then a person who doesn’t wear hair or one who doesn’t see us for the myriad of other services we provide. You can envy, wonder and even go out and buy a new curling iron or some color, even jump to another salon for a service other the one you see us for, but then you do so at risk to what we do for you.

Guci Image stylists are trained to provide you with all the hair services you’ll need, from color, to style, to cut, and to create and bolster easy solutions for your at-home-hair care. Once in our care we make it our business to consistently care about the care of your hair and scalp, be you in our offices or not. We welcome you seeking us out to consult on you buying new shampoos, hot irons and the like. We can lead you the direction for a new product you could use given your last concerns or desires and most times sell that product ourselves. But most importantly we can keep you from doing damage to your CTR unit or hindering the good service of a White Diamond Treatment, by offering the facts about products you might see advertised and want to try.