A Hair Restoration/Hair Replacement Salon’s Opinion About Balding

A Hair Restoration/Hair Replacement Salon’s Opinion About Balding

Although Guci Image is in the business of hair replacement and hair restoration, far be it for us ever to tell anyone they can’t walk around with a bald head. Or that bald people are unattractive. Or that everyone needs to sport a full head of hair. We simply provide a service for people who have thinning hair or are bald and prefer to have hair.

Simple as that, no judgment made.

This week’s TikTok influencer @Lord_Dermott or Steven (his real name) went online to post his complaint that too many times too many people (and his too many people include 3.9 million followers!) claim that “Without a hat, I look awful.” Steve/Dermott claims his fan girl following is constantly reminding him how ugly he looks without a hat and that because of these opinions he has become a “hat-fish,” implying that, like a “catfish,” — the modern-day phenomenon of people who falsify their identity or their appearance in the hopes of duping romantic suitors finding them online—he wears hats to present, what he feels is a more positive physical image. 

At one point, Steven even posted a live stream of his hair transplant procedure, claiming his critics are still saying he is unattractive after enduring.

Such is the way of the world now that we all have to court everyone’s opinion about everything. But as an online influencer, surely Steven/Dermott knew this could happen.

Wearing a hat or not, balding or coming into our Paramus salon for regular service on the hair you wear, opting for a wig or head scarf, whatever anyone wants to do with their appearance need be fine by everybody else. And determinations like “ugly” or “beautiful” is in the eye of the beholder.

And these opinions we’d surely post to the world, influencing it or not.

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