Trending? Who Cares.

For some reason, the pop gossip site Wonderwall has released a massive listing of the most startling celebrity hair transformations of 2019…right now, in the middle of August. From music star, Halsey debuting her rainbow-colored bangs across Instagram last month or the ‘pixie’ cuts Bella Hadid, and Ciara sported, and even President Trump going slicked back in June, Wonderwall has over fifty instances of what is now and wow. Guci Image’s 2019 sees us concentrating, as always, on keeping the hair that you wear in shape, styled well and colored when you need it.

Although we love our celebrities (plenty more than you can imagine wear hair!), keeping up with trends, especially celebrity trends, is NOT what we here at Guci Image is most concerned. Not that a hair replacement salon is not aware of and interested in new styles, cuts, and colors, it’s just that our primary concern is on developing and maintaining the very best products for our northern NJ clients who wear hair. Let’s face it; when you wear hair, you are making a first impression, anew, every time, you walk out of our salon. The ‘trends’ we keep our eyes on most are the innovations and scientific studies of new materials used in hair unit production, laser light advancements promoting hair growth and determining what new hair composition and creation will work best for our clients.

A Bella Hadid can go about being seen with a new color or cut any time she wishes. A quick rinse, a stylist rushing over to work magic during a quick limousine ride and all things are put right or into something that Wonderwall will want to list again. Our clients, of course, cannot just take to a new cut, color or even a CTR unit so precociously; what might be ‘trending,’ or concerns over the latest ‘listings,’ are not in the Guci vocabulary.