Laser Caps, Topical Solutions, And Miracle Cures: The Scientific Skinny On Hair Loss

Laser Caps, Topical Solutions, And Miracle Cures: The Scientific Skinny On Hair Loss

Whether battling balding or wishing to keep to a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, we all want what we want fast and as easy as it can be. Playing on our vanity, cosmetic companies, self-prescribed exercise gurus, and plenty of hair replacement “clinics,” (far and away unlike a real hair replacement salon such as ours) offer the quick fix, and for a certain dollar amount, the sure cure. But there needs to be real science behind what is offered, a good vetting, a deep dive from the consumer when it comes to applying a new contraption, some new serum or any of a number of seeming miracle cures…especially when it comes to wanting your hair back.

Many a Guci clients comes into our NJ hair restoration salon having read Internet articles, maybe even have plunked down a pretty penny on promises, potions, and sometimes even pills. Certainly, there’s no joy in dashing a client’s hopes, but at Guci Image, we are in the business to present scientifically vetted, real solutions to hair loss. What we offer, from hair replacement units for men to laser treatment, to so many other options have come into being by years of study and application. Yes, every day there is some new item being blogged about or a rash of updated commercials promising the best and latest hair loss solution; what we offer are timetested methods, applied by trained technicians using a multitude of fully-tested options.

We all want the fast solution, the impossible cure; to be able to just step back in time and have what we had, when it was the best having we had. But as with everything else, if you take a short cut with your hair loss option, the results will never be what you are hoping for.

At Guci Image we can answer those hopes.

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