The Long Hard Consideration To Becoming a Guci Image Client

The typical Guci Image customer does not just walk off the beautiful suburban streets of Northern N.J. one day and say, “Hey, I’m here now to be measured for a CTR unit to cover my male pattern baldness or some extensions to bring back my long lustrous lady locks.” Those men and woman who come to us seeking solutions to thinning hair do not just stop into our Paramus hair salon on a whim or without trepidation. When one begins to lose one’s hair, there is an infinite amount of time spent worrying about one’s scalp, trying to cover up by style and product, having heart-to-hearts with oneself to determine the next step, if there is to be one, in a reliable hair-wear solution.
Social stigma, the changes to one’s style and self-image, the passing of youth and just a general feeling that one is no longer one’s self, all these considerations and more visit those of us who lose our hair. The daily worry, altering one’s life around what is happing ‘up above,’ the hoping that this angle or that will bring some visual relief, all the time spent thinking about what is happening right now to our hair is what makes what could happen in the future with it so scary. Whether that future means a hair restoration solution from Guci Image or just letting things lead to the inevitable, that IS the big question.
To make the next big step to do something about hair loss is a mental investment as well as a monetary one.
At Guci Image, we welcome the informed customer. We want our clients to execute their deep dives in hair restoration research. We know what they will find and how their finds will lead them to Guci Image. Concerns before joining up with Guci Image will bring you cautions and questions, both of which we will answer for you with our service, care and the best hair loss solutions you can find.