Don’t Do As Kira Kazantsev Does Her ‘Do’

It certainly would not be what any Guci Image stylist would recommend-for someone wearing hair or not-but one of the biggest backstage secrets for beauty pageant contestants (the Miss America pageant just having passed) is for the ladies in question to stave off washing their hair. Whether they are sporting extensions or wigs, or simply showing off their very own locks, many women in these pageants forgo hair washing sometimes up to two weeks at a time. Volume seems to increase and natural oils leave hair looking very shiny indeed (great for the unforgiving stage lights), while baby powder and dry shampoos will cut down on too much oily slickness. With  New York winning for the 3rd year in a row (yes, it’s not N.J. but close enough to our Paramus, New Jersey offices so we can feel proud) lots of eyes were on the pageant yet again-Kira Kazantsev was the name of the lady crowned- while post opinion abounds. Surely it has lost some of its popularity through the years, with other arguably sexier competitions being held these days, but the tricks of the trade, for hair/make-up/wardrobe have not changed for Miss America.

We can’t know for sure if this year’s winner Kira Kazantsev actually didn’t wash her hair for two weeks. .If/how her regular hygiene routine differs from when she is competing. What is important here though is that don’t do as those contents do…with her do. When you commit to wearing hair from Guci Image you best keep it well. Washing, conditioning, brushing, untangling, you as much need to keep up a good healthy regiment for the hair you wear as what your stylist can help you with when you come in for service. Yes, a CTR unit undergoes a thorough washing, brushing-out, untangling if it needs it during regular servicing, and SHE and GREAT LENGTH extensions are well attended to when removed or put on, but the normal hair regiment you go through should continue when wearing hair…so you can compete well in the pageant that is your life.