Following Rihanna?

Following Rihanna?

Be it Janet Jackson’s nipple, Lady Gaga spinning down from the rafters, Prince wailing away on his guitar, or what we all saw just recently with Rihanna showing off a ‘baby bump’ while standing atop floating platforms, what happens during the Super Bowl Halftime Show surely catches the world’s imagination. It also catches tons of viewers. And arguably, with our female performers, there is lots of attention given to what the ladies might come to be wearing, as much as how their hair might be styled. With Rihanna’s most recent super bowl halftime performance, viewers caught the 34-year-old singer in monochromatic all-red couture, identical color make-up and nails, and a stunning hairstyle featuring face-framing whisps, her hair parted down the middle and a slick back multi-strand braid ponytail.

Yes, she looked rather fantastic.

It is this hairstyle that TikTokers took to most post the singer’s performance. Trying to replicate her look (and most proving successful), young women across the net are showing off rather perfect RiRi hairstyle imitations. Yes, one could as much add extensions when trying to render Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime hair as a generous amount of product. But with some time and attention, it seems a diligent hair-styler could manage to get close to the do Rihanna sported last Sunday night.

A hair restoration salon, like Guci Image in Paramus New Jersey, works hard to give you the hairstyle you want, but frankly, we don’t pay much attention to a pop divas’ dos. Surely, celebrity infects our work as much as it does all parts of current social media, style, and culture. But any reputable hair replacement studio needs to rise above the weekly trending concerns and styles….as we have made clear plenty times across our site, from the advice you get from technicians to all that we have ever been on about.

But that Rihanna, she was surely something!

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