Guci Image Clients Feel Whoopi’s Changes

Guci Image Clients Feel Whoopi’s Changes

“The View” stalwart and EGOT winner, Whoopi Goldberg received a bunch of double-takes this week when she revealed her new hairstyle. Here at Guci Image, we know how one day a person can go from looking one way to quite differently another way, but Goldberg was sporting milky white dreadlocks suddenly. She says the new hairstyle is for a role she plays, a woman who is over one hundred years old in fact, in the new CBS series adaption of Steven King’s The Stand.

This appearing one way one day and quite different the next is what progressing from thinning hair to a full head of hair is all about. The transition is sometimes startling to our novice clients, to be sure. Having to endure any number of approaches to cover balding, avoiding mirrors even, the difference between the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of wearing hair is often felt as much physically as mentally with the men and women who come to our north New Jersey hair salon.

As we perfect, wonderful hair replacement options, we are also aware of the delicate change meeting our clients in what they looked like before coming to Guci, and how they look after. No one we know is on view as much as the host of “The View,” but we are sympathetic to what happens to a person who begins wearing hair. Yes, the changes are always positive. Yes, Guci Image restores confidence and certain new ‘take-on-the-world’ fervor for the people who come to us. But change it all still is, and in many cases, the change can be a great one…not just a new hair color or style.

In many cases this potential for change, even one that will put the spring back into one’s step, will certainly make one feel younger, is so new, and jarring, we still see clients hesitate to join us. But here are Guci Image we embrace the change, with you, in all ways possible. We say, let the world view you full on…just like Whoopi!

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