The Hair Skinny On Those Soap Stars

The Hair Skinny On Those Soap Stars

Not that there are so many left, but fans and even the causally curious can still catch some soap operas running daily on U.S. network television. And beyond the outrageous stories of who might be sleeping with whom or what villain or villainess has been brought back from seeming high-stakes death, what’s most noticeable is how great the actors on these shows look. And if you want to believe these men and women roll out of bed looking so stylish, sporting such well-sculpted bodies and perfect luscious locks, go ahead. But being in the hair replacement business, we certainly can break down a myth here and now (and probably something you’ve expected all along); regardless of their age, lots of the men and women on daily daytime T.V. dramas have undergone some sort of hair replacement surgery or are wearing hair pieces, extensions or wigs.

This recent article notes some of what’s been happing in soap star hair in recent years, most notably when COVID hit. But most stars are back looking as glamorous as ever, being attended to by skilled hair stylists like your own Guci Image technician. These expert network hair people need to know all about adding extensions, styling pieces, wigs, and everything else to ensure their clients look as best as they can under unforgiving lights and the eagle-eye of cameras.

So, when you tickle across a modern-day soap or take your lunch watching your favorite network drama and marvel at how youthful everyone looks, remember, just like you (if you happen to be someone who comes into our Paramus NJ salon for regular service), lots of these people have had help where their hair is concerned. Be it extensions (which seem to be the go-to for younger women) or full hair pieces for men of any age, lots of the hair you see on T.V. is not the natural hair of the person wearing it.

You are not alone.

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