2014 World Cup…Hair

The current edition of the World Cup, 2014’s games in Brazil, are getting lots of attention (on the web they call it ‘trending’). There’s politics involved, lots of sports of course, a who’s-who roll call of the hunkiest athletes, not a fair amount of attention paid to fashions (both on the field and off) and…hair.

Cristiano Ronaldo has not only led his club to their 10th European Cup but the man, who was once known to have changed his hair style during half time, sports a tight hawk-like do; Marouane Felliani delights crowds with his tight Afro; Italian’s Mario Balotelli and his teammate Stephan Kareem El Shaarawy flash mowhawk’s, though El Shaaraways is sky-high and our own U.S. Soccer Team player Kyle Beckerman flows dreads off his head, claiming he is just too lazy to attend to his hair after moving out of his moms’

And just to show that football players are not as suspicious as say NHL players with their hair growth (you didn’t have to be a dyed-in-the-wool hockey fan to notice how both the N.Y. Rangers and L.A. Kings forgot shaving until the Stanley Cup was over) Brazil soccer star Neymar shaved the side of his head after scoring two goals in a game and his team mate Dani Alves ran some grey in his hair just to change things up.

With the world’s eyes upon them, 2014 World Cup players are having the time of their life with their looks…and playing.

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