According To John Travolta, Bald Is ‘In’ For 2019

According To John Travolta, Bald Is ‘In’ For 2019

When a celebrity of John Travolta’s magnitude ‘goes bald,’ it certainly makes news. Not that there haven’t been suspicions about whether or not the star of Saturday Night Fever (over 40 years ago) and Gotti (most recently) hadn’t been wearing a hair replacement unit for the past few decades. Still, Instagramming just as the New Year struck, Travolta posted a picture with his daughter in which he is his tux sporting…and a shaved head. He followed up this week posting a video with his son Benjamin where he specifically thanks all his one million followers (he just earned that Instagram milestone this past May) with: “We love you and we thank you and also, thanks for liking the new hair ‘do.”

Following lots of male celebrity’s lead or even high-profile heads of company’s like Jeff Bezos, there are plenty of guys, young and old, ‘going bald.’ But for the male clients that come through our Northern N.J. hair replacement studio, the question of “Should I or shouldn’t I?” is one that’s been answered. They do not want to be bald.

Surely, bald is never ‘in’ for ladies, nor is thinning hair either (Guci is especially proud of how we help lots of our female clients through the physical hair effects of chemotherapy).

We are in the business of making sure our clients enjoy their hair; keeping it healthy, adding to it, styling, cutting and coloring, so men and women look exactly how they want to. The goal of all of our procedures and programs is to restore the confidence and look our clients felt and had before their hair began thinning and that which they so want again. Is Bald ‘in?’ Is it even beautiful? These questions can only be answered by an ‘in the eyes of the beholder’ consideration; at Guci Image, we are all about hair.  

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