Kim Kardashian West Is Neon

Kim Kardashian West Is Neon

When you can enter a restaurant driving one fancy sports car and leave in another, only calling up that second car to match your hair color for the evening, you probably can consider yourself as having ‘arrived.’  Kim Kardashian West managed this switch-up last week. When out and about wearing a neon green wig the famous reality star arrived at a Miami restaurant in a convertible Ferrari but left after her meal in a line green Lamborghini. On Instagram Kim said “had to get a neon green lambo to match my hair!!!”

Most of us northern New Jersey Guci Image hair customers don’t have these means, time…and are probably not walking around with neon green hair.

For the hair you wear mostly what we all want is to ‘match’ units and extensions to our lives in as seamless a manner as possible. Over time what we hope for is that the service you come to us for—a service that is like very few others in your life as far as importance and specifics to detail—can be as easy to incorporate into your busy schedule as possible. We know the very last thing you want to do is spend too much time concerned over or in engaged in what it is we do for you.

Creating Instagram-able moments is part and parcel of the life a Kim Kardashian leads. And rest assured celebrities don’t venture far from their limos without a stylist providing a last-minute touchup and they are aware at all times where the paparazzi are or the possibility of them popping up to snap the latest pic. Our culture royalty have scores of assistants to help them with those chores you find mundane but necessary, chores that you need schedule a Guci appointment around or have to make sure you hair is looking its best to get to.

Leave the neon hair to Kim.

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