Baldness And Heart Disease – Is Baldness Linked to Heart Disease?

Baldness And Heart Disease – Is Baldness Linked to Heart Disease?

baldness and heart diseaseMany individuals across the globe are losing hair for a number of reasons. Shedding can give you sleepless nights as your appearance is at stake. However, men who are losing their hair may have bigger concerns than just their looks. According to a new study, balding men share a greater risk of having a heart attack. The more hair lost, the more serious the risk. Bald men had higher rates of coronary heart disease than those with hair. But, men balding at the top or crown of their head had a much more increased risk of coronary heart disease than those with frontal balding. Yes, baldness and heart disease are closely related.

Stress, diabetes and high blood pressure are all causes of hair loss in mens and womens and familiar warning signs that someone’s at risk for cardiovascular disease. However, there are others that most of us are not aware of, such as problems in the bedroom or hair loss. One can pay attention to the risk factors, and use them as cues to make healthy lifestyle changes, can prevent cardiovascular damage early.

Heart Disease and Male-Pattern Baldness

Mens Hair Loss is not just an issue of appearance – it may mean loss of circulation. Lack of circulation to the hair follicles may be related to heart circulation, although other factors may play a role in the connection. Some patients who have male pattern baldness have hypertension, may smoke, or a genetic predisposition relating to heart disease.

All you can do is watch and be aware. Knowing your family history – both of baldness and heart disease can help you asses your own risk. If either runs in the family, it’s extra reason to take steps to prevent hypertension and high cholesterol levels, and to avoid or quit smoking.

Researchers believe that the link between baldness and heart disease may be because of excessive levels of the male hormone testosterone, and bald men have long been believed to have higher testosterone levels.

However, the study could not reveal what causes the link between baldness and the risk of coronary heart disease and the reason is till unknown.

People may not be able to prevent family history, but there are many heart-disease risk factors that are modifiable. That includes exercising regularly, avoiding smoking, eating a healthy diet, and ensuring blood pressure and cholesterol levels stay within the normal range.

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