Do You Suffer From R.H.S?

By recent internet reports it seems that lately lots of famous ladies, and men, are suffering from R.H. S.  ‘Restless hair syndrome,’ is the seeming need to suddenly change hair color and celebrities like Lucy Liu, sporting brand new blonde locks over her usual brown, Rose Byrne ‘going’ platinum and even Eminem showing off gold locks over his usual brunette do, have been affected. Granted most of this seems to be a dark to light change; still RHS appears to be epidemic in the Hollywood community.
Do you too suffer from R.H.S.?
Color changes for men and women wearing hair is a significant consideration. It’s as important a change to consider as if you wanted to change your style and cut. At Guci Image we are as forever concerned about dying what hair you may have to match your hair unit or extensions as we are making sure to add a smidgen of grey (if you so desire) to add seemingly natural aging to your hair. Matching color, picking the right highlights, greying the correct amount, is as much a science as fitting you for the right unit.
It is indeed difficult not to be influenced by what’s coming at us via Instagram, Twitter and nightly TMZ. We live in a blistering fast information age and now, more than ever, celebrity doings rule the day. It would be wonderful indeed to change our color and cut on a whim (and have a stylist with us 24/7 helping out in the back of our limousine or coming to our mansion every day). But the reality for most of us is that we can’t take so much time to attend to our hair. And for those of us wearing hair, the main concerns is to maintain the unit or extensions we do have in the look that flatters us most and is wholly undetectable.
Color like cut considerations for the Guci Image customer must not be taken restlessly.