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At Guci Image we have seen enough to know that fashion, style and indeed haircuts, come and go on a capricious wind. A viral video as much as a spread in Vogue can presently influence the culture for a 180 turn that sometimes only lasts as long as it takes for the next video to go viral. ‘Breaking the net’ or not, some cuts, colors, and styles stick, but not everything makes the grade just because it is worn or displayed by a Kardashian. One has to wonder over the latest hottest trend in men’s hairstyle, the “fashion troll,” if this look will stay around long…or at all.
Designer Thom Browne presented what seemed like a spate of troll doll-like models down his Paris Fashion Week runway this last weekend. The ‘up-combed’ hair on the male models (pretty much making them look like Troll Dolls) had Esquire calling out the possible popularity of the look; they were the one’s tagging it the ‘hottest trend in men’s hair.’ And of course, the requisite pictures thrown across the net helped what might be a growing craze.
One would need a medium cut, a good hairbrush and lots of spray to transform their hair for the ‘fashion troll’ look. But putting your CTR unit through the trouble, or even considering this style might indeed not be best for men wearing hair. As a leading hair replacement salon, we run into the question of outfitting the men (and women) who come to us with the latest in cuts, styles, and color all the time. But there are some trends left better to A-list celebrities and certainly some that would some to test too much the limits of what we provide.
At Guci Image we champion a style, cut and look that’s more considered, by you and our technition. Chasing (or trolling) after the latest trends puts one on a chase that never ends.