Chasing Baby Bangs

Chasing Baby Bangs

With ‘selfies’ and Instagram all the rage, whatever one person manages-be they star or everyday guy or gal-plenty of others can see/hear/experience. But is imitation the sincerest form of flattery then? Or is it simply second nature these days tp copy one’s contemporaries when one is trying to compete with one’s contemporaries, especially across the fickle pop universe? When she posted her latest selfie, Lady Gaga was called out for changing her hair style, as if she was commenting on/competing with Beyoncé who seems to sport the same cut. But just last week Selena Gomez was sporting what is being called ‘baby bangs’ (is this an offshoot of the babylights we featured in this blog we last week?) The question being, who is following who and is anybody actually being followed (or leading) at all?

We try hard to not have you copy anyone with the hair you come to wear from Guci Image. Yes, we will outfit you with the latest styles. Sure, we take into account trends, new colors being introduced; we can style, cut, color an extension or a CTR unit any which way you like. But trying to catch, follow or even be ahead of a trend, especially a pop trend in style, is exhausting.

We’re truly concentrating first and foremost on getting your hair to look healthy and natural.

Don’t worry. This is nothing your stylist hasn’t heard before. Everyone wants to look like their favorite superstar. Everyone wants to be ‘hip.’ Everyone wants to rock the latest look. But the reality is when you wear hair not all options are opened to you, not because we can’t manage all this hair magic at Guci, it’s just that when you wear hair you might not want to make such bold ‘trendy’ consistently changing statements because sometimes all that hair drama can make people easily aware that you wear hair.

Leave it to Miss Bey, Lady Gaga and the rest of them to worry their pretty little heads about all that. 


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