Sia, Madonna, Iggy Azelea…57th Annual GRAMMY Awards Hair

Sia, Madonna, Iggy Azelea…57th Annual GRAMMY Awards Hair

From Sia’s platinum wig to Iggy Azelea’s bold or trying-too-hard to be noticed tight braid-styles by Ursula Stephen-to Katy Perry’s purple, Zendaya Coleman’s sharp short black bob and Madonna in matador hat, there were certainly some interesting hair dos and hair accessories on display at past Sunday’s 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards.
Certainly we have had racier costumes and wilder hair in years past. In fact the critics have been weighing in with what they feel was a decidedly good show of fashion sans controversy at this year’s music award show. But for the very best in celeb hair couture, the Grammy’s truly have the Oscars and every other award show beat each and every year.

Inspired or repelled over what you saw…or just exhausted by the never-ending coverage? You know how this is; we can’t help but gander at what the stars are wearing in, on and with their hair. At Guci Image the ‘attraction’ we have to the red carpet is simply the leading N.J. hair replacement salon taking a gander at new styles and colors, but knowing we have one job to perform above all else…making out clientel to look the very best they can with undetectable CTR units, Micro-Grafting, Lace Wigs and Extensions (to name just a few of the things we do.)

Let’s face it; we can’t help but be influenced by what makes the biggest news, gains the most “views,” what our friends might be tweeting back to us on a daily basis. Surely the media is set-up to attack us with a barrage of video and pictures at an ever speedier rate and every celebrity worth their salt works hard to make taking selfies an art form! But in a paraphrase of a line from Rudyard Kipling’s poem “IF”: ‘if you can keep your ideas about your hair cut somewhat sane while all about you are showing-off ever wilder do’s, then you should be fine.’

And Guci Image is here to help you with any idea you have for your hair.

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