Nicki Minaj outs Safaree Samuels’ Hair

Nicki MinajAs the men and women who come to Guci Image on a regular basis know, keeping family and friends ‘out of the know’ is one of the most important factors when it comes to wearing hair. As a highly respected hair replacement business in the Northern New Jersey area, as one of the main female hair restoration studios and a leader in male hair unit technology, we endeavor to create extensions and pieces that are undetectable. It’s no wonder then when a hair ‘outing’ happens on a a celebrity level, the news catches like wildfire, as it did just this week with whom Nicki Minaj outed.
Nicki saw lots of attention this week with the release of her 4th album “Queen,” the last-minute announcement of a meet-and-greet in NYC, the ‘dropping’ of her latest video “Ganja Burns”, and a naughty turn on Stephen Colbert. But what has got the Twitter universe scrambling, and surely what a Guci Image client would shudder at, is how Mr. Minaj claimed that she paid for her ex, Safaree Samuels’ hairline.
Across the same Twitter interplay, Nicki Minaj also insinuated that singer Tyga had some hair additions, wondering if he and Safree went to the same doctor for their do.
The problem with any kind of airing of possible adjustments and additions with celebrities is that there are far too many visual records of what these men and women looked like, before and after. Of course, there is plenty of visual evidence additions and changes Ms. Minaj had over the years.
Not that any of us have a Nicki Minaj tweeting about us. But the men and women who come to Guci Image can rest assured that we employ the very latest technology and the very best materials in what we do so to keep your most important secret safe.