Being ‘Woke’ By Natalia Taylor

Being ‘Woke’ By Natalia Taylor

Hair replacement facts, seeking out best (or worst) NJ salon reviews, overall hair care treatments; at Guci Image, we are forever warning our clients to do exhaustive due diligence for what they might need for the hair they come to wear. Just reading something across an online post or off some ‘influencers’ Instagram feed is not enough for an informed decision over something as important as a hair thinning solutions. Proving this point in spades this week, ‘influencer,’ Natalia Taylor posted some pictures of herself she claimed were taken, when “The queen has arrived. #Bali.”

Posting pictures lounging in a bathtub, seemingly outside the balcony of a luxury hotel, Taylor enjoyed her 300,000 fans posting comments on what they assumed was her sudden trip to an exotic location. Three days later, though, Taylor’ dropped’ this YouTube video, revealing that the supposed Bali pictures were snapped at an Ikea store in Los Angeles.

The lesson she wanted to impart; don’t as much trust what you read online as what you might see. Let’s see who among us heeds this warning.

New hair replacement solutions pop every day. Lotions, seemingly well-tried techniques, rumors of scientific breakthroughs are posted with such alarming frequency, playing on the hopes of men and women who are losing their hair. But from political pundits warning us about fake news, as much as Taylor’s fans now ‘woke’ to what can all too easily occur, it’s all too easy these days to convince, cajole and manipulate via social media.

Unless you come to a real hair replacement salon, like Guci Image, you will never know if you are getting the facts of what is available in real hair solutions. We want to only ever ‘influence’ you to what your options are and how best Guci Image can help you.


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