All Are Equal At Guci Image

All Are Equal At Guci Image

This pandemic has affected us all so many ways, but when one considers all that COVID-19 can potentially bring, some stutter steps over our hair care needs is not so much to really worry about. Still, male and female Guci Image customers both, everybody has had to contend with a little extra hair growth, less attention to regular coloring, and maybe surfing slightly more irregular scheduling appointments into life plans.

In this latest Huffington Post piece, the author relates the various ways one can contend with hair that might have grown a little longer than usual. Various ponytails, buns, and twists are listed here to keep one’s longer locks under control. And again, almost all these fixes are as good for men as they are women.

In this ‘new normal’ time or any other, pretty much hair wear concerns split evenly down the line for men and women. While usually, guys don’t walk into Guci Image sporting long manes (as they don’t so regularly out and about these days), we do service enough men who keep their hair long. Both ladies and men color their hair in equal measure. And while ‘male pattern baldness’ is an oft-heard phrase, plenty of women suffer through thinning hair and even baldness and come to Guci for various hair replacement approaches.

(Although, statistically, one of the biggest differences between men and women losing their hair is that we tend to see women coming in much earlier in their hair thinning progress than men).

In the crowded population of northern N.J., Guci Image has always serviced both male and female clients…. frankly, any top hair restoration salon has to. And yes, while there are differences in what men and women want and what techniques and process are employed for each gender, in the end, what everyone wants is restored confidence, a more youthful appearance, and hair that can be colored, cut, and serviced beautifully for a long time to come.

Well, past a pandemic!

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