Westeros Hair Woes

Westeros Hair Woes

So you think you have hair concerns coming into Guci Image once a month to reattach your CTR unit or starting into our new DHSA program? Well, the men and women of Westeros (as in the fantasy world of Game of Thrones) have to worry about their hair too.

Actually, it is the actresses and actors of the popular H.B.O, series who have been very vocal about what they do not get to do to their hair…mainly wash it. Actress Sophie Turner tells InStyle magazine in an interview this month that like lots of her co-stars she is now not allowed to wash her hair. For the first few seasons Sansa Stark, her GoT character was an aristocrat; therefore she had to be aware of her haircare (the actress also went through very taxing dying routines). Lately, though, Turner has been asked not to wash her hair and has been fitted often with a wig for her onscreen moments.

Turner is not the only one to dish about these less than optimum hair conditions on the show. But it’s hard to feel sorry for celebrities, even when they are being good-natured about their hair woes or having to diet for costume fittings. Professional stylists and make-up people, not to mention the very best photographers in the business attend to T.V. and movie stars on a nearly 24-hour basis; we know they always look their best when we see them out and about.

We, on the other hand, have to do what we can to find stylists, hair cutters and products that will serve them best for us. Men and women who wear hair in northern N.J. come to Guci Image for what will serve them best. It might not be the high hair problems of Westeros, but we have our concerns too.

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