Guci Has Got Your Very Long Hair

Guci Has Got Your Very Long Hair

In his short fifteen years on the planet, Indian teenager Sidakdeep Singh Chahal, has never had a haircut. Just recently, Chahal was awarded the record for longest hair on a male teenager by Guinness World Records.

Chahal, whose hair measures 4-feet, 9 and 1/2 inches long, claims that his hair is a symbol of his Sikh faith, where believers grow their hair long, viewing their long locks as a gift from God. When not letting his flock flow, he usually ties it in a bun covering it with a dastār, a traditional turban.

It takes Chahal up to an hour to wash his hair, which he does twice a week.

Fitting clients with extensions, long flowing wigs and even creating long hair male CTR units for men who wish to retain their long locks, Guci Image often works with long hair. Surely attending to a client’s thinning and balding is a primary concern, but be it long or short, we also pay strict attention to hair length, as we do every other aspect of the hair from us thar you come to wear. Surely, you have seen the many hair replacement/hair restoration options available presently. Here at our NJ hair recovery salon, we have worked hard to rise above those options (even one’s we are all seeing popping up in TV ads and online) to provide the most natural looking and best made hair. No matter the length.

Color, curls, style and length; there are many factors to making our clients happy. And just because someone suddenly starts wearing hair doesn’t mean they are looking for a new cut, color or style. Very often we find the people coming to us indeed want to stay with what they had or more specifically return to it with what we provide. And often that means a certain length of hair that clients want Guci Image to provide.

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