‘Seeing The Light’ With EPM

‘Seeing The Light’ With EPM

Continuing our ardent quest for new/better/safer scientific methods to stimulate hair growth, Guci Image presently offers EPM Hair Regrowth Technology. This needle-less mesotherapy treatment is the latest laser light hair growth technology, born out of Barcelona, Spain.

With EPM, a non-invasive, needless device is applied to the client to pulse energy electroporation technology and transdermal delivery, increasing absorption of active hair loss ingredients into the scalp’s deep layers. The media (FOX NEWS, NBC) has been all over this latest technology for hair regrowth, and we are happy now to offer it at our Paramus, NJ salon.

Laser Light has been used for years in hair growth/hair replacement salons. Clients especially like it because of its easy application and how it stimulates scalp blood circulation and nourishes follicles. This kind of treatment is used for all types of hair thinning and Alopecia and certainly sees results.

As with any other hair regrowth, scalp nourishing treatment, there are plenty of less effective, even some dangerous ‘technologies,’ being applied to unknowing hair loss clients all the time. Hair loss/thinning is a global problem for all kinds of people of all genders, and there is a rabid need for hair regrowth solutions. But customers need be ever aware (especially these days with so much disinformation at our fingertips) and conduct ‘deep dive’ research of what is available for their hair loss…and what solutions carry a solid reputation. At Guci, we can’t afford to offer any treatment, technique, or product that doesn’t uphold the stellar reputation we have worked so many years to earn.

Therefore, we can attest that EPM is the very best of the latest laser light hair treatments. Relying on the consistent pairing of science and art is how Guci Image has grown through the years, and EPM represents this science/art marriage perfectly.

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