What’s Good For Beyoncé Won’t Work For Us

What’s Good For Beyoncé Won’t Work For Us

Super diva Beyoncé is known for her many songs, stage performances, and wardrobe and hairstyles. Wigs, extension, braids, the 37-year-old-mom, singer and cultural icon, has pretty much led her public life not so much showing her natural locks….until now. This week Beyoncé’s mom Tina Knowles-Lawson shared an Instagram video of her daughter’s real long brown and blonde-highlighted hair. Surely, we have seen other posts revealing Jay-Z’s wife’s locks. But in what seems to be a trend to show off just about every aspect of celebrity life, make-up free selfies/intimate grooming videos/more-than-slightly revealing body shots are posted of our American royalty with ever more frequency each day. The question becomes, do these snippets of day-to-day activity matter in the end when we all have our own lives to lead?

When it comes to what they want to show, Guci Image customers are mainly concerned with the general upkeep of their hair with their monthly appoints and in the natural aging process. The last thing any of us want is to reveal the ‘real’ state of our hair.

Once you begin wearing hair (and for many to do so, is a very long and arduous consideration) life, as you knew it before visiting our Paramus NJ salon, changes. At Guci we do our best to keep your daily hair thoughts and upkeep of CTR units or extensions to a minimum and after a time men and women both gain confidence and comfort of the hair they wear. But lives are changed (and always for the better, we have found) in ways new customers of ours can never predict.

These changes are welcome, though. The satisfaction we see in the customers we service regularly has been 100% across the board positive. Even if you will no longer be showing the actual state of your hair to anyone save your Guci Image technician.

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