What’s On The Mind Of Your Fellow Hair Wearers?

What’s On The Mind Of Your Fellow Hair Wearers?

If you read hair-related blogs other than this one, you will find there are many reporters revealing the latest on hair growth solutions, plenty of posts about topical hair stimulating solutions and new hair replacement surgical techniques. There are also lots of places, just like Guci Image, reporting to be the best hair restoration salon you will find in your area (although Guci Image is the best hair restoration salon in the northern N.J. area!) There are also a bunch of blog posts and tweets about how one grows (if one isn’t presently losing their hair) hair faster and thicker.

This recent post addresses this issue.

It’s interesting for those of us wearing hair (not our own) how our hair concerns (although not so much wondering how fast our hair might grow) become whittled down to just a few. One: keeping up on a regular service schedule with Guci. Two: working with our technician to make sure we address a ‘normal’ amount of thinning and greying to what we wear or staying diligent with the color we usually get. Three: staying current with new scientific developments in hair replacement that might serve us (though, rest assured, Guci Image is up on the latest and always alerts our clients to what’s been approved and what we are adopting). Four: What of the culture, see-and-be-scene styling, all that social media noise about hair trends should we really be concerned with?

When you sign up for hair replacement or hair restoration, you join a select population (although you’d be surprised how many people are in this population with you). It doesn’t really make a hair wearer any different really, other than shifting one’s perspective slightly to what one needs be concerned about. And what we will never actually have to worry about again. 

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