Keeping Your Hair ‘Kim-riffic’ Just Like A Kardashian Would

Keeping Your Hair ‘Kim-riffic’ Just Like A Kardashian Would

Kim KardashianWhether from simple paparazzi zealousness or from the woman’s own overworked Twitter account during what seems each and every interval of her day, there’s can be no argument over the fact that Kim Kardashian is one person we are seeing lots of; word on the street is that she is about to publish a hardcover book of her selfies even. But just this week the blogosphere was on about Kim’s long luscious mane and how well maintained her mane was when she stepped out in the Hamptons. Proving a celeb lady is often times only the parts of her sum, it was one part of Kim (and the not the usual part(s) of her we often here about) bloggers were on about when she was photographed coming and going from a local eatery at the seaside resort town. In fact it was the ‘part’ in her hair, the long luscious dark locks she was sporting, just a hint of some wind-blown style, all rather fabulously coiffed in the sticky salty air of the beachside town that had people weighing in on what seemed to be a dream story for the press this week.

All the more power to Kim and her conditioner.

The truth of the matter is, beyond what we do for you at Guci Image, your care for the hair you wear or how you treat your scalp beyond a LLLT treatment is pretty much…up to you. We can recommend, sell you and brag about our hair care shampoos, conditioners and sprays, but those extensions, your CTR unit, your scalp needs your good and consistent care.

Our hair care falls on our heads, so to speak. We do not have a retinue of minders styling, cutting, coloring, preparing us for paparazzi as a celebrity would. And if you are man or woman in N.J. wearing hair or coming to Guci Image for specific scalp rejuvenation treatments, more than most you need maintain and attend to your own luscious locks to keep them as Kimriffic as much as possible.  

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