Tessica Brown Is Still Learning The Lasting Effects Of Self-Inflicted Hair Damage

Tessica Brown Is Still Learning The Lasting Effects Of Self-Inflicted Hair Damage

“Gorilla Glue Girl,” aka. Tessica Brown is at it again. You might remember this young woman when she posted a video that went viral (a couple of videos, actually), suffering through the consequences of using Gorilla Glue instead of hairspray to keep her braided ponytail in place. See our blog about her story here

What happened to the lady this past week was that in attempting to dye her hair to cover some greys, Brown found her scalp starting to burn and clumps of her hair falling out. So she traveled to a salon in Pasadena, near where she lives, for help, and there she was told that the chemicals used to remove the Gorilla Glue from her hair back at the beginning of the year reacted with the dye she just applied. 

This reaction caused her hair to melt.

Interestingly enough, from her G.G. problems, Tessica Brown created a hair care line that includes growth compounds, conditioner, and what she calls her “Forever Hold” spray.

Technicians at the salon Tina ran to used stem cells and plasma therapy to save Brown’s hair. Yes, science comes to the rescue once again in hair restoration! But it could take six to nine months to see some new growth in the lady’s hair density. 

Brown was told to stay free of chemicals, certainly Gorilla Glue.

Fortunately, the women and men who we see wear hair avoid any kind of self-experimentation. A Guci Image customer knows not to do much more to their male hair replacement units, a lace wig, or Guci “Cold Fusion” hair extensions, then wash and condition their hair regularly. Yes, the general population seems to have a rabid need to post. Still, at Guci Image, we thrive on the direct opposite of what seems to drive the culture presently: we want satisfied customers, not attention.

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