Halloween Hair

Halloween Hair

We come to this time of year everyone (adult and kids alike) seem to enjoy a little loosening-up of their inhibitions. A quick run through popular costume sites like http://www.costumesupercenter.com/  or even a spin across YouTube, you’ll find this year’s tricks and treat-ers making-up and dressing like “Walking Dead” zombies, various characters from “Games of Thrones” or even Disney’s “Frozen” stars (and the kids are dressing-up too!) Be it a wild costume, garish make-up, or wigs, Halloween dress-up is on lots of people’s minds this week.

Wigs, hair styles, temporary color is foremost on our minds too, but here at Guci Image, just like you, we have to think beyond Halloween costuming.

When you wear hair you certainly have a different perspective, even a new appreciation for temporary hair coloring, sudden style changes; anything put-on for a night or attempted for All Hallows. Little do our friends and families know how we look at this holiday with its hair additions and wig wearing; how a Guci Image customer appreciates Halloween Hair in a way others truly can’t; how living a day-to-day style, cut and color certainly not one’s own-in the truest definition- certainly ‘colors’ one’s point of view about putting-on that which can be taken off.

At Guci Image we of course share your considerations of ‘wear-ability’ and yet celebrate the ghoulish fun along with everyone else. Like you, we sit back of two minds, split between appreciating all the meticulous care that goes into lots of modern day costuming and feeling that sense of caution knowing what it’s like to wear hair all the time, not just for October 31st. Real hair and lace Wigs and extensions (and so much else) is our business after all.

As we do with ever holiday and for everyday of the year we wish you and your family a very happy and safe Oct. 31st.

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