When The McSC’s Stop moving, You Start Greying: More Science For Your Hair Woes

When The McSC’s Stop moving, You Start Greying: More Science For Your Hair Woes

This blog on the Popular Mechanics website (of all places) mentions a new study that shows how human McSC, or melanocyte stem cells, get ‘stuck.’ Why this matters to any of this is that when these microscopic little buggers can’t move, they can’t employ their natural ability to produce a protein that colors our hair. And with the McSC not moving and producing that protein, humans “go grey.” This new finding by scientists supposes then that if there is a way to get the MsSC’s ‘unstuck,’ there may be a way to stop greying on a cellular level.

And science marches on… 

As you have read here plenty and have seen in countless other places, researchers have been attempting to find topical solutions, therapies, or other applications for us all to keep our luxurious long locks and the color our hair had in our youth. Cracking the mysteries of DNA as they have been working hard to do, researchers are coming closer all the time to finding out how and why our hair greys, as well as why and how it thins, and hope to provide us all with options to challenge our hair woes.

It is truly just a matter of time…

Right now, there are some topicals that can retard hair thinning, other applications that can promote hair growth, and surely enough salon-quality hair dyes to keep your hair the color you want. Beyond this, you will find, with even the quickest mouse crawl across this website, a slew of hair restoration and hair replacement solutions. Well-vetted, state-of-the-art, awarded, and championed, what we manage at our Paramus hair salon IS the very best available through scientific research presently. And our clients know we are always looking for and bringing in whatever is the latest into our hair care world.

Look out, the future of hair care is here and getting better every day.

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