Diet, Hats, Shampoos…The True Facts of Hair Loss

Diet, Hats, Shampoos…The True Facts of Hair Loss

Our hair replacement clients in Bergen County, N.J. (where our Guci Image offices are located) as much as men and women anywhere else, look to a host of reasons why their hair might be thinning. For some it takes time to come to the realization, for others it seems a fait accompli, but for many, hair thinning and balding is something that isn’t so readily accepted, certainly never wanted. For many still, there must be a reason, and therefore something that can be halted or reversed, for their hair thinning.

The reasons for hair loss have been considered, battled and as much scientifically proven as they have been fed by wholly inaccurate supposition. Simply put, one’s diet, the fact that one uses a particular shampoo or a man (or woman) coming to wears or scarves on their head is not the cause of hair loss. Yes, one can undoubtedly see hair loss from certain medications or treatments (chemotherapy is a very pervasive culprit here), and surely factors like stress and even a bad diet can lead to hair falling out or becoming brittle and unhealthy. But for true baldness or a prolonged thinning leading to baldness, an X chromosome and simple genetics play the most significant role here.

Accepting your hair loss is the first step, doing something about it is next. This is where Guci Image comes in.

The various approaches we take for our New Jersey hair loss clients, men and women both, address precisely what is happening to your scalp. We honestly access as much where you are presently as what might be coming in your future and present the options. True, scientifically researched facts and solutions from them are what we offer.

Nobody wants to go bald, and nobody wants to accept that they are. But the truth is something you need face as quickly as you can so you can let Guci Image help you as quick as you can.

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