Happy Holidays From Guci Image

Happy Holidays From Guci Image

As we get deep into all the holidays around our northern New Jersey way, all the staff here at Guci Image would like to send a hearty thank you for the past year and wishes for a happy new one to all of our client family.

We know what it takes for our clients to first sign up with us, admit they want to do something about their balding or thinning, then to put the time and attention into coming to our hair replacement salon regularly. One must adopt a particular lifestyle when wearing hair, in continuing to take the time, care and attention needed during a busy day to make sure the work Guci Image manages keeps looking its best.

This past year, one that marks the end of this decade has seen so many color, styles, and hair trends come and go. And while we have tried to alert, advise, and consider them all, first and foremost, Guci Image has your needs in mind. We do not as much buck trends or styles, but are cautious when facing the capricious wind of what might be new now but will be old come a new Twitter post in the morning. As any good hair replacement stylist will tell you, or even an old- fashioned barber could report, we might all want to look like a Kardashian or a George Clooney, but rest assured our culture royalty have plenty of help with their look, cut, color and wardrobe. And don’t be surprised by the many celebrities who are just like you, wearing some form of extension, have undergone hair replacement surgery or are wearing some hair very much resembling our make CTR units.

We work to make your hair work for you, in your day to day reality, infusing what we can of what you see and might dream, with what looks best on you. And your faith in us doing so, as much made our 2019, as it did all the years before and will or 2020.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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