The Changes You Make Wearing Hair

The Changes You Make Wearing Hair

This recent Buzzfeed article ponders the interesting question about actress Zoe Deschanel’s surprise over how many people did not recognize her without her signature bangs. The star of “New Girl” wore her hair out of her face for the 2013 Met Gala and shocked many fans with her look, which she never thought was so radical really. 

That change and people’s reactions to it are still part of the news cycle, it seems.

Suddenly sporting a different look, though, is part of the changes our hair wear customers have to go through. If one attacks their hair thinning problem early enough, one’s look from when one was not wearing hair to when one is might not be so different. But for every man or woman who comes into our Paramus offices to do something about their hair dilemma, there are just as many who try and ignore or cover up their balding for a long time, rationalizing that the hair they seem to be losing is not all that noticeable. For this latter group, the difference between what they had and what we give them can be startling.

No matter how quickly in the hair loss process one decides to do something about their thinning, one will need to consider (pretty much swallow) what they looked like at one time as opposed to what they look like after they start coming to Guci Image. Usually, we see people glow with the recognition of what they used to look like, their youthful vigor suddenly meeting them once again in the mirror, and for this, we are so happy. But it is an adjustment, no matter how good you suddenly look or feel about how you look, no longer having hair to suddenly having it.

We doubt, though, that Zoe Deschanel’s fans will notice the changes you’ve made. But those changes are something you will as much have to consider…as we are sure, you will love!

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