Michelle Obama In “Baldgate 2015”: Perceptions Born Of Modern Day Facility

Michelle Obama In “Baldgate 2015”: Perceptions Born Of Modern Day Facility

These days minute explorations of the trivial are aided by our facility; basically we can see/hear/react to what comes across the net at blinding regularity and we do indeed think we should give an opinion about it all. Case in point: Michelle Obama popped onto the popular game show Jeopardy to give video-taped clues for a healthy cooking category. The First Lady’s appearance caused quite the stir though when folks started tweeting that FLOTUS appeared bald. It seems Mrs. Obama’s now peppered locks were pulled back so tightly and the overhead lighting so strong in the segment that she appeared bald. The incident-“Baldgate 2015”-gets named and blogged about, when all this really comes down to is failed perception and the ability we all now have to kibitz on every single thing.

Luckily we don’t as much battle imagined perception here at Guci Image as we do good old fashioned reality, the reality of our clients actually going bald and Guci Image doing something about it! Your perception of yourself-certainly not a trivial one-drives us to the reality of hair restoration. Certainly you are not scrutinized as much as someone who might appear on T.V., you don’t have people looking you ever ready to either condemn or condone as a Michelle Obama might have, but your look, style, hair is important to you…even if what you do doesn’t make the weekly blog o’sphere news.

The various services we offer, from to Micro-Grafting to fitting a client with a Lace Wi to our patented White Diamond Treatment (and many more services) are our first line of defense with making the men and women who come to our N.J. hair replacement salon feel the very best they can….to bolster their perceptions of themselves…to make true hair restoration a firm, healthy, undetectable reality.

The First Lady isn’t bald and so shouldn’t you be.


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