And Yet More Good News For Hair Loss

And Yet More Good News For Hair Loss

A good part of the Guci Image business is fitting men and women with undetectable hair units, extensions, and wigs. And, as our press and all of our clients know, we have expertise in hair replacement too. But we do keep up with and like to report on, as you have read here in this blog very often, new medications that might be able to treat hair loss and stop thinning.

So, here is the latest:

Dr. Brett King and Dr. Brittany Craiglow of Yale University published a supplement to the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology just this month, showing the effectiveness of a new type of medication that sparks JAK inhibitors, that effectively treats moderate to severe alopecia areata.

It seems that, since alopecia is an inflammatory condition, the JAK inhibitor reduces the inflammation firing the disease, in effect bringing the alopecia sufferer’s complete immune system back into balance.

Although more common in children, alopecia does indeed affect adults and can spread across a person’s entire scalp and, sometimes, their body. We treat it at our north New Jersey salon as well, see here.

This study on JAK inhibitors might indeed prove to be a game-changer for alopecia patients. And although the scientists here have not revealed whether the research and further study will bear some significance to people with other kinds of hair loss, any good news in this area is good news for us all.

We are privy to the question, asked by colleagues that own other hair loss salons, as much by our clients, if there will come a time when all any of us have to do is pop a pill and be rewarded with our long-ago long-lost locks (or be assured to keep what we have, or maybe even grow more). You can view all of our hair growth topical solutions, see how we go about fitting clients for their undetectable hair needs, and read how we can also treat thinning with laser light, but as of yet, there is no direct absolute size-fits-all hair loss solution that will work for everyone.

But we will keep looking.

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