Is It Time To Go Grey…Even A Little?

Is It Time To Go Grey…Even A Little?

With subtitles like “Are you ready for this?” “How to do a slow transition.” and “Keeping it looking good,” this article in Huffington Post this week addresses the question of (and is titled) “How To Let Your Hair Go Gray Without Losing Your Mind.” And believe it or not, this is as much a concern for people who still have their own hair as Guci Image customers who do not.

As any hairstylist will tell you, adding or covering grey is a battle of degrees; how much grey you let in or how much your cover-up; do you simply color your hair and never ‘go gray;’ do you let take over slowly over the years; do you just succumb and go completely frosty white. But for the men and women who walk into our Paramus salon, we need to always err on the side of making the hair they wear look as natural as possible. As lots of our male customers need to consider the degree of ‘natural’ thinning they wish their units to reveal over time, our customers (men and women both) need to think hard and long about how they wish seemingly ‘natural’ graying to slip into the hair they wear…or if they want grey at all.

In the end, no one can make the decision to go gray, go grey a little, not cover greys at all, but you. A good application of color will make most people look years younger, but as with lots of what we do cosmetically, once one starts, one needs to be proactive in coloring. It’s one thing to add a little splash of blue, a pink streak even, but dealing with grays are a whole other concern.

Surely, wearing hair does not pluck any of us from the concern of “How To Let Your Hair Go Gray Without Losing Your Mind.”

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