The Big Bang Theory & Pixiegate

The Big Bang Theory & Pixiegate

People really do love their T.V: The popular CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory had its season premier this past Monday and the character Penny (played by Kaley Cuoco) was sporting a new ‘pixie’ cut. The show as well as the fans made a very big deal of Cuoco’s new do (which she has been sporting since this summer when she cut it for a movie role). Now the blog o’sphere (which is always hot and heavy for this sitcom) is alive with mostly criticism (when Cuoco cut her hair initially fans were none too pleased and let their feelings known as well).

It either speaks to the times that we all have too much access (and too much time) on our hands to be able to see what we want and comment as we like that this makes news, or the fact that lots of us don’t like too much change in T.V. land..But Pixiegate-as all this is now being termed-will probably die off rather quickly when some other huge news, like the latest Kardashian selfie, makes it across the web.

As mentioned plenty of times here and certainly from your Guci Image stylist, cut is a drastic thing for those of us who wear hair. Certainly the net is not going to explode with what we do and how we do it to our locks but a little planning has to go in to the consideration if you are changing your CTR unit or want to alter extensions or micro-grafting in some way. And going out and about seeking a cut, style, color or any alternation beyond what our Guci stylist can and does do for you needs to be taken with caution, at the very least.

Coming to our Paramus N.J offices for the first time and concerned about all of the above? Well we can quickly alleviate all your concerns with a free consultationYou won’t have to worry about any Pixiegate in your future, that’s for sure.


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