New Jersey Seasons And The Hair You Wear

The change of season always marks a caution for those of us who wear hair. Summer comes with its own set of challenges (heat bearing down, chlorine overdose from too much pool time) as do the harsh days of Northern New Jersey winters (‘hat head’ and excessive dry hair). But here at Guci Image, we are aware, as are our customers, to any of the four seasons changing into the next and what that could mean for men or women who wear hair.
In subtler seasons like fall and spring, one could be easily tricked over how New Jersey weather changes come to affect our hairstyles, cuts, and colors. And October or November breeze brings with it the wonderful smell of leaves or fireplace’s crackling, scents only an eastern USA resident can fully enjoy. But strong breezes mixing quickly into wind can wreak havoc on male hair units or female extensions and pieces. Come spring we all begin to sweat a little more in the warming days, and as we all know, our Guci Image hair needs ever more attending (and maybe even shorter times between services) as the climate and our scalps begin heating up.
There is so much that the Guci Image clients need to be aware of in the possible hair-trying time of the seasons. From introducing new shampoos and conditioners to being waylaid by celebrity styles impossible to achieve to the consistent conundrum of when to color and when to ‘go grey.’ Just finding the right cut can take a few visits between technician and client. We know it’s hard enough first coming to our North New Jersey hair replacement salon, changing your look (for the better) and investing in the lifestyle of wearing hair. Challenges in doing so, dog one’s every step, with one of them always being the yearly change of seasons, no matter what season is upon us.