All Bets Were Off At The 2020 BET’s

All Bets Were Off At The 2020 BET’s

Broadcasting the first ‘virtual awards’ show, 2020’s BET Awards last Sunday night was a unique show on so many levels…least of which was for its fashions and hairstyles.

From host Amanda Sealess changing outfits ten times during the three-hour broadcast to Michelle Obama, sporting her natural, and rather fantastic curls presenting Beyoncé with the 2020 “Humanitarian Award,” to Jennifer Hudson managing “You, Gifted and Black,” in a wild updo or Alicia Keys’ slick ponytail, a and Chloe x Halle’s side-by-side wild outfit changes, the 20th Annual BET’s was unlike any other before it.

Much was made about women styling their “baby hairs,” surely to a term that will be exploited for the foreseeable future of hairstyling. And that ‘natural’ look that the ex-First Lady sported better than most, saw lots of traction across the blog ‘o sphere this week. But what should we all make of the styles seen, and will they affect hair replacement clients anytime soon?

First and foremost, the last thing a Guci Image customer wants is to ‘go natural.’ Thankfully our Paramus N.J. hair replacement salon is back open, but in the face of even a world-wide pandemic, we know those who wear hair were patiently hoping to get to us for service—and exploiting ‘baby hairs,’ fashionable slick ponytails, and updos? Sure, these are all in the purview of your Guci technician, but frankly, our most pressing concern is to get your units and extensions cleaned, expertly cut in, and appropriately serviced.

It’s been too long since we have seen our extended family of clients, and we are looking forward to getting back to what we do best. How hair fashion, haute couture, even how televised award shows might happen or appear for the foreseeable future, is anybody’s guess.

We just want to get you once again rockin’ your best look!

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