You’re No Justin Bieber, But Your Hair Is Still Important To You

Not that the opportunity wasn’t rife for jokes to be made about his hair, and certainly comedians like Dave Chapelle and Kevin Hart weighed in over Justin Bieber’s appearance at the recent Comedy Central Roast of the pop idol, but overall jabs and jests to ‘The Bieb” seemed to come from every aspect of his life. Good or bad, a pop star is known by and can be just as easily mocked over his appearance as much as his singing. But when one comes to enduring a Comedy Central Roast, certainly the celebrity in the hot seat time is enjoying a high end of his or her popularity, so most of our modern day singers/actors/comedians/reality T.V. show personalities endure the televised ribbing well.

Like Justin B. your look, your hair in fact, defines you. You might not have Dave Chappelle noticing but if you have come to or are considering Guci Image for your hair restoration/hair replacement needs, you think enough of the hair you sport (or want to keep sporting) to do something about keeping it, or adding to it. We understand your attention to your hair style, how the very fact of having (and keeping) your hair is so very important to you. This is what our client base is built on, men and women who are dealing with balding or thinning hair and want to do something about it!

Are you in the minority doing something about it? Among friends and family possibly…or simply you are one of the few who has opted for or is looking to employ the very best in hair restoration technology; let’s face it, as much as we have, you have probably seen some old time toupees or even extensions that are simply not up to the quality of our GREAT LENGTHS. Even if you are the only one among your immediate group of acquaintances who has sought out some hair restoration service or if you have one buddy whom you know comes to Guci to, if your hair is important to you, and it is thinning, or even if your scalp is damaged, you do well coming to Guci Image.