De-stress and destroy the grey?

De-stress and destroy the grey?

The Internet is as wonderful and wide a resource as much as it is a big depository to be cautioned against when exploring anything new. So, as we always have from our northern NJ home, we try to do our best exploring and explaining the latest, best (and even the not-so-great) just released topical solutions, recently researched materials, and the newest pharmaceuticals coming on the market about hair health.

Just this week, a new report surfaced about ‘natural re-pigmentation or the science behind individuals bringing color back to their hair, or, getting rid of their gray, naturally…and by changes, they can institute. In this study, researchers set out, once again, to study the causes of greying. As suspected, aging as well as stress prompts the greying process…no real surprise there. But what did come as a surprise was that ‘de-stressing could bring back color to one’s hair. Of course, more study is needed to set these findings into irrefutable science and get all the facts. (As it is, recoloring from destressing might not be possible in people of a certain age). But something is happening on the cellular level for those of us who ‘go grey,’ and for some of us, there might be a way to reverse the process.

Ah, if this were only true for thinning and balding.

As anyone who works in hair replacement has suspected for some time, science will most likely bring us a solution for balding in the future. But it hasn’t yet. And while certainly stress can prompt hair loss, and destressing might indeed arrest this (see here), we have yet to come to a compound or pill that will as much arrest hair thinning as prompt the natural full regrowth of a complete head of hair.

The various hair replacement and hair transplant options at Guci Image are the very best of what we have researched to destress you from your hair loss. And know, we will always keep you up-to-date for what’s coming, and that you can depend on, in the future.

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