Is Lorde Thinking What You’re Thinking?

Is Lorde Thinking What You’re Thinking?

An extension of one’s personality, a Samson-like mane of imagined strength, a sure sign of style and youth; our hair and the way we style it reveals so much about us. In salons across the world, and as seen in YouTube tutorials and countless fashion magazines, men and women consistently look to make ‘statements,’ with how they wear their hair, forever chasing styles that change even quicker than the seasons.

For the folks coming to Guci Image, choosing to wear hair has a whole different, yet not any less important, meaning.

Reading the story this week of how the singer Lorde wore her hair as a scarf for the 2021 Guggenheim International Gala in New York City, one is reminded of the many ways we might wear our hair. And the many reasons we might have for wearing it the way we do. Wrapping her long locks around her neck walking into the event, Lorde certainly managed a stunning hair reveal.

Lorde released her hair later on into the night, sporting braided pigtails for when she performed. As evidenced in this video, she usually rocks some killer locks!

But if you come to our Paramus hair replacement salon to have your extensions fitted, most likely you aren’t being so ‘flippant’ as to flip then across your neck into a make-shift hirsute scarf. And most men sporting one of our CTR units are just happy that their hair looks and feels as natural as it does; no guy leaves us looking to make any statement beyond that he’s not bald!  

The decision to wear hair, visit a hair replacement salon like Guci Image on a regular basis, ‘invest’ (in every sense of that word) in hair that you wear, is a commitment that demands lots more consideration than throwing a color wash through your locks, or playing with a hair style in some weird way for a night out.

The reasons are rather simply why our clients come to us: they want the very best hair replacement options.

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